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Introducing "The Man Lying Awake Sees," the first painting inspired by a journey through sleepless nights and restless thoughts. This original artwork depicts a man in geometric shapes, accompanied by a thought-provoking sentence: "the man lying awake sees..."


Instead of 'zzz's,' this painting plays with 'ccc's'—a clever twist to signify seeing versus sleeping. When we are restless, our minds are more prone to 'seeing' what's troubling us.

This painting is about simplicity through shapes, blending geometric forms and text to convey a powerful message. The minimal color palette influenced the rest of the Nocturnal Collection, grounding it in a cohesive aesthetic.




- Original geometric abstract painting
- Features the phrase: "the man lying awake sees..."
- Colors: Monochrome palette with blue and brown highlights
- Dimensions: Framed, 28.5" H x 20.5" W x 1" D, Unframed: 24" H x 18" W
- Medium: Acrylic on paper
- Framed in a sleek black frame for a modern finish, plexiglass cover




- First piece in the Nocturnal Collection
- Explores themes of sleeplessness and introspection
- Perfect for modern and minimalist decor
- Adds a thought-provoking element to any space

'The Man Lying Awake Sees' Acrylic Painting on Paper

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