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I am Kenzie Leon Perry, serving as the Creative Director at Ze Haus Design Studio, where we curate an exquisite collection featuring unique and personalized designs. My expertise as a licensed interior designer extends across hospitality, commercial, and residential spaces. In addition to spatial design, I nurture my artistic inclinations, expressing myself as a visual artist and product designer, passionately crafting distinctive wallpaper and fabric collections for my brand.

Rooted in Miami, Florida, and with experience as a Senior Designer at Sandals Resorts, Inc. in the Caribbean, my deep affection for nature and tropical environments influences my work. Embracing a design philosophy known as Tropic Art Nuvo, I draw inspiration from the lush tropics, blending hand-painted murals and custom wallpaper designs with an eclectic aesthetic that champions vibrant colors, prints, and patterns. My mission is to liberate spaces from monotony, injecting them with depth, character, and a distinctive identity, all grounded in the conceptualization of spaces.

My academic journey began with music studies at Florida Memorial University, but my passion led me to pursue Interior Design. Graduating with high honors from Florida International University, I obtained my professional license from the State of Florida early in my career.


Since Ze Haus's inception in 2020, my work has been showcased by Panaz Fabrics, Curated Quarters Magazine, Business of Home, Lonny Magazine, Spoonflower, and Aphrochic Magazine. Recognitions such as being named one of the 28 Black Tastemakers by Angela Belt and securing the Southeast Grand Prize in the 2021 Jaime Stern Rug Design Contest underline my commitment to innovation.


Community engagement is paramount. I actively contribute to raising scholarships for my alma mater, Florida International University, notably through events like the Festival of the Trees, and I regularly mentor graduate students. At present, I am fully immersed in completing an art series titled "People & Plants," exploring the profound relationship between humans and nature within our surroundings. This endeavor is yet another facet of my commitment to infuse artistry into the spaces we inhabit.

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