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Elevate your home decor with the unique and introspective Octave Accent Pillow Crafted from grey woven Maharam fabric, these pillows feature eye-shaped fields adorned with gold button accents, symbolizing dreams and introspection. Each eye-shaped design element represents a deeper connection to our inner visions and thoughts, while the number eight symbolizes overcoming obstacles and triumphing over challenges.


Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and meaning to any living space, the Octave Accent Pillow seamlessly blends artistry with functionality. Whether placed on a sofa, bed, or accent chair, these pillows will become a conversation starter and a cherished addition to your home decor.

Add the Octave Accent Pillow to your collection and infuse your space with a touch of symbolic beauty and thoughtful design.

Octave Accent Pillow - Grey Woven Fabric With Eye-Shaped Fields and Gold Button

  • 18" x 18" 

  • - Material: High-quality grey woven Maharam fabric
    - Design: Eye-shaped fields with gold button accents
    - Symbolism: Represents dreams, introspection, and overcoming challenges

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