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Introducing the Nocturnal Original Paintings Series, a captivating set of four abstract artworks that serve as the foundation of the Nocturnal Wallpaper collection. Each piece is a unique representation of the themes and colors explored in this collection, thoughtfully framed in a grey-washed finish to enhance their modern aesthetic.




- Circadian Rhythm (Warm Copper):This painting embodies the natural cycles of day and night, represented through rich, warm copper tones.


- Insomnia (Grey): Reflecting a state of restlessness and uncertainty, this piece uses cool grey hues to evoke a sense of introspection and calm.


- Counting Sheep (Natural): With its soft, natural colors, this painting brings a sense of tranquility and simplicity, ideal for creating a soothing environment.


- Daydreaming (Blue): This vibrant blue artwork captures the limitless possibilities of the sky, inspiring creativity and imagination.


Each painting was originally created as an experimental series to quickly generate wallpaper designs. The success of this experiment led to the creation of coordinating wallpapers that complement these original pieces.




- Set of four original abstract paintings
- Colors: Warm Copper, Grey, Natural, Blue
- Framed in a grey-washed finish
- Dimensions: 11.25" H x 11.25" L x .75" D
- Medium: Acrylic on Paper

Nocturnal Original Paintings Series

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