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Discover the captivating elegance of the "Mind the Eye Vessel," an exquisite clay creation designed to inspire inner vision and clarity. This versatile piece features a unique reversible design with an eye-shaped top, finished in luxurious gold leaf.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the vessel embodies the symbolism of the evil/lucky eye motif, traditionally used as a personal amulet for protection and security. The radiant gold leaf not only enhances its visual appeal but also signifies enlightenment and insight, making it a powerful addition to any space.


Perfect for those who appreciate art with depth and meaning, the Mind the Eye Vessel seamlessly blends functionality with a touch of mystique. Whether used as a statement décor piece or a thoughtful gift, it promises to captivate and protect, embodying the essence of inner vision and clarity.


Bring a touch of mystical elegance to your home with this unique art piece.

Mind the Eye Vessel: Reversible Clay Art Piece with Gold Leaf Finish


  • - Height: 6.25"
    - Width: 5.75"
    - Depth: 3"

  • - Reversible design for versatile display
    - Eye-shaped top symbolizing inner vision
    - Finished in luxurious gold leaf
    - Incorporates the protective evil/lucky eye motif
    (not water resistant, nor can this vessel hold water)

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