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Check out this beautifully crafted painting, capturing Ze Haus' TropicArt Nuvo aesthetic. Inspired by Josephine Baker's iconic "Danse Sauvage" at Folies Bergère in Paris, this original acrylic artwork masterfully blends complementary colors of green and red with vibrant pops of yellow, black, and pink. 


The bold and energetic colors ignite a fiery passion that captivates the eye, transporting you right to the front of the stage. The clever composition is framed by lush green banana leaves, adding depth and dimension beyond the central figures. 


The figurative painting features a 1920s dancer emerging from a bunch of bananas at center stage, symbolizing her birth. Two additional renditions of the dancer depict her performing before vintage shell footlights and swinging from a banana above. 


Beyond its jolly and playful demeanor, Josephine's costume serves as a masquerade with a deeper symbolic meaning. 


This piece that pays homage to a legendary performer and encapsulates the vibrant spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Add a touch of artistic elegance and history to your space with this captivating painting!


Shipped: Carefully Rolled, Sealed in Plastic in a Shipping Tube

Josephine Baker's Danse Sauvage, Contemporary Expressionist Painting

  • Unframed

    Size: 18" w x 24" h

    Medium: Acrylic Paint on Paper, 98 lbs

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