Hi! Welcome to Ze Haus Design Studio. My name is Kenzie and I am the Creative Director and Founder.


I am coined the "Interior Design Philosopher" blending bold design aesthetics with a strong sense of positivity.

If I had to sum myself up in a few short phrases, consider me an interior design junkie, accessories aficionado, fearless pattern designer, and creative artist. 

I have a passion for creating designs inspired by nature I experienced while traveling abroad and mixing new and vintage design elements.

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Ze Jungle Wallpaper copy.jpg

Wallpapers, Fabrics, 

Decor & More! Oh my!

Walk on the wild side

with Ze Jungle wallpapers and fabrics

The Ze Jungle pattern is the flagship design inspired by a mural I painted for my personal home named Ze Haus, located in Miami, Florida. 

The dramatic black and white graphic was translated to an original piece of art, which was then converted to a pattern for wallpapers, area rugs, fabrics and more.

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Bamboo Chair with Caribe Yardbird Ble.JP



    Caribe, the newest design collection by Ze Haus, celebrates the exciting colors and culture of the Caribbean people who have made Miami their home.

    The fun and animated patterns created for this collection are inspired by the thriving Little Haiti and Little Havana communities and its people.

    You will find fancy yardbirds dressed in fedoras and headdresses, as well as sugarcane grasses, which are a tasty delicacy. 

    The transitional print is ideal for kitchy hospitality projects like cafe shops and ethnic restaurants, as well as cozy residential homes and casual living spaces.


What We Do


Art &Lifestyle



Growing up as a self-taught artist

and an inspiring fashion designer,

I enjoy blending all of my artist passions into one.

I believe an incredible lifestyle starts from within and should be explored within the home and in your fashions.

I personally paint all the art, and I source and curate all the accessories offered in my collection.

Typically it starts with a painting and evolves from there. 

Currently, I am working on the People & Plants art series, inspired by the four seasons. 

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Contact Me

Private office and studio is open by appointment only.

Miami Design District, FL 33127 

info@ze-haus.com  |  Tel 786.556.2016

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