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This vibrant original acrylic painting beautifully blends elements of art, nature, and personal identity. Drawing inspiration from the concept of gender expression and pronouns, as well as the wonders of nature, it effortlessly includes a prominent botanical motif using the bold presence of the Song of India plant. The result is a visually stunning composition that invites a sense of harmony, self-expression, and serenity into any space. Transform your walls with this captivating painting that not only adds a burst of vibrant color but also speaks to the profound beauty and diversity found in both art and nature.

They, Human Nature Contemporary Expressionist Style Figure Acrylic Painting

$250.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
  • Unframed

    Size: 9" w x 12" h

    Medium: Acrylic Paint on Acid Free Cardstock Paper, 246 lbs

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